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Wellness Exams and Vaccinations

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Good old Benjamin Franklin coined the saying, and we whole heartedly encourage it when it comes to the health of your pet.  That’s why we recommend yearly wellness exams and vaccinations at Loftin Veterinary Hospital. The focus of a wellness exam is the maintenance of optimal health. Wellness exams give our doctors the opportunity to detect and treat conditions before acute symptoms present.  Yearly vaccinations protect your pet against contagious diseases.

Wellness Exams and Vaccinations At Loftin Veterinary Hospital

Loftin Veterinary Hospital understands the importance of preventive medicine, and that is the precise reason we encourage yearly wellness exams with vaccinations.  In fact, we will track you down via email and text to remind you when your pet’s services are due.  In addition to the yearly wellness exam with vaccinations, it is critical to protect your dog from heartworms with bi-yearly injections of ProHeart 6.

What to Expect in a Wellness Exam

Check body composition

Check teeth and gums

Check eyes and ears

Check haircoat and skin

Check nose and face

Check for intestinal parasites

Test for heartworms

Yearly vaccinations

ProHeart 6

At Loftin Veterinary Hospital, we believe that Proheart 6 is the most effective heartworm preventative currently on the market. Over the past years, the veterinary community has noticed an increase in the number of cases of patients testing positive for heartworms, despite owner’s claims of faithful, monthly heartworm prevention. We have not experienced this with Proheart.

  • Proheart 6 is a more convenient alternative to heartworm prevention for owners because your dog will only require heartworm prevention every 6 months rather than every month.
  • With ProHeart you rest assured that your pet received its heartworm prevention because it is given by injection by either the veterinarian or a trained technician.
  • Overall, we recommend ProHeart 6 because it is a more effective and more convenient option for heartworm prevention.


Dental Care

  • The most common disease in dogs and cats is periodontal or dental disease. Dental disease is a PLAQUE-INDUCED INFECTION of the gingiva (gums) and supporting ligaments of the teeth. If left untreated your pet’s teeth will become very loose, abscesses can develop, patients may experience pain while eating, and systemic infection could occur.
  • Because periodontal disease is a plaque-induced infection the treatment and prevention of this disease is to have all the plaque removed and the teeth cleaned.
  • Loftin Veterinary Hospital recommends that patients have their teeth cleaned either yearly or every other year in hopes to prevent and/or treat this disease before it becomes too severe.

Flea Prevention

It’s a great time to be a dog or cat!  Why, you ask.  It’s a great time to be a dog or cat because of excellent products that control fleas; no more itchy flea infestations for pets treated at Loftin Veterinary Hospital.  We recommend Bravecto, Nextgard, and Comfortis to control fleas.

Other Services

Surgical services

Spays and Neuters

Dental Care


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