Taking Great Pet Pics

It’s a well-known fact that the pets of Loftin Veterinary Hospital are the very cutest in Acadiana.  As proof, Chelsea Poynot of 3 Petals Photography snapped adorable pictures at our hospital last week.  Chelsea is a Lafayette-based photographer with a degree from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a BFA in Photography. Moose and Jager, Hallie’s and Lana’s babies, posed as patient doggy models for pictures that we will use on our website. Needles, the cat, also made an appearance. We had the benefit of a pro, but Chelsea promises that with a few tips and a little practice and patience, pet owners can capture adorable images of their four-legged babies!

1.  Get on their level.  Crouch down and get low to make sure you are at eye level with your pet.

2.  Ask a friend for help. Have a buddy hold a treat behind you as you take the picture.

3.  Take a video. Sometimes taking a video and capturing the images from the video can prove helpful with an active pet.  Animals don’t know how to strike a pose.

4.  Let your camera Beep. Enable the camera beep in your camera’s settings.  Your pet will look straight into the camera when it beeps.

5.  Whistle while you work. If you don’t have a fancy camera that beeps, no problem!  Use a whistle, it will have the same effect.

Chelsea also provides some general photography tips. The time of day and location are two important components of a successful photography session, and Chelsea loves outdoor settings. Morning (7-8 am) and evening (6-7 pm) light works best.  Also, be sure to pay attention to the background.  Less is always more especially if you are not a professional editor.

Most of all, Chelsea recommends patience and persistence.  We recommend scheduling a session with Chelsea!

Here are a few of our favorites from our session:

Dental Health

We asked Chelsea to capture a great photo of healthy teeth for our website.  You may also notice the simple background (Lana) that Chelsea recommends. Also, it’s always a great idea to make sure your pet’s teeth look bright and white before investing in pet photography.  Loftin Veterinary Hospital can help with that! In case you are wondering, those are Dr, Loftin’s hands.

Needles the Cat

Dr. Michel posed with his beautiful cat.  Only a veterinarian would have a cat named Needles.

Hallie with Moose

Chelsea did a great job focusing on Moose’s eyes and the Loftin logo.  She used the camera beep to capture his attention.

Dr. Loftin with Jager

Even Dr. Loftin participated!  Tanya held a Snickers bar behind Chelsea’s head to keep doc’s attention. Tip #2 works on veterinarians, too.


Lana’s pup, Jager, looks like a professional doggy model in this shot.  He has the prettiest eyes.

Moose and Jager

This is my favorite picture from the entire session.  After a lot of wiggling, sniffing, and doggy wrestling, these guys plopped down and allowed Chelsea to snap away.