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Recommendations For A Healthy and Happy Pet

Loftin Veterinary Hospital offers high quality preventive care, diagnostic care, and surgical procedures to keep dogs and cats healthy and happy. What sets Dr. Loftin and his team apart is their ability to provide the most modern veterinary medical care with an old-fashioned, common-sense approach often lacking in modern medicine. Communication and education are priorities, and clients are given choices in treatment plans to help their dogs and cats live a more complete and healthy life.

Dog Care

Owning a dog can be an extremely rewarding experience, but it is also a large responsibility that lasts the entire lifetime of the dog. Loftin Veterinary Hospital hopes to provide you with information needed to make some excellent decisions regarding the care of your puppy and adult dog.

Recommendations For Healthy Dogs

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Cat Care

Having a cat or kitten in  your family is a lot of fun, but it is also a big responsibility. Loftin Veterinary Hospital strives to provide education on details you need to know about to ensure the best healthcare of your cat or kitten.

Recommendations For Healthy Cats

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is ProHeart 6 recommended at Loftin Veterinary Hospital ?

We recommend Proheart 6 for several reasons:

We believe that Proheart 6 is the most effective heartworm preventative currently on the market. Over the past years, the veterinary community      has noticed an increase in the number of cases of patients testing positive for heartworms, despite owner’s claims of faithful, monthly heartworm prevention. We have not experienced this with Proheart.

  • Proheart 6 is a more convenient alternative to heartworm prevention for owners because your dog will only require heartworm prevention every 6 months rather than every month.
  • With ProHeart you rest assured that your pet received its heartworm prevention because it is given by injection by either the veterinarian or a trained technician.
  • Overall, we recommend ProHeart 6 because it is a more effective and more convenient option for heartworm prevention.
When should I spay or neuter my dog?

We recommend that patients be 6 months old as patients less than 6 months old are at greater risks for anesthetic complications.

Why should I spay my female dog?
  • Female dogs have an increased risk for developing mammary cancer with each heat cycle. Females spayed before their first heat cycle have a 0.5% chance of developing mammary cancer. Females’ first heat cycle usually occurs between 9-12 months. This protective mechanism drastically decreases with each allowed heat cycle, and there is a 7-fold increase in the chance of developing mammary cancer if spayed after 2 years of age.
  • Intact females are much more likely to roam and will attract male dogs to your home. This could lead to more “headache” for you and could potentially result in harmful incidents like: being hit by a car, transmission of disease, dog fights, etc.
  • Older intact females have a higher risk of developing other diseases, such as “pyometra”. Pyometra is a very severe infection of the uterus. This disease is life threatening and requires emergency surgery, hospitalization, and antibiotic therapy.
  • And very importantly, animal shelters around the country are already severely overpopulated. Allowing dogs to breed freely only adds to this problem. Unfortunately many dogs in shelters have to be euthanized because there is simply not enough room to provide adequate care. Spaying females helps to control this growing problem.
Why should I neuter my male dog?
  • Intact male dogs are more likely to develop unwanted behavior patterns like urine marking, humping, aggressiveness and “roaming”. This could lead to more “headache” for you and could potentially result in harmful incidents like: being hit by a car, transmission of disease, dog fights, getting lost/stolen, etc.
  • Intact male dogs are at a greater risk of developing prostate and urinary problems as they age. These problems include prostate enlargement, prostate infection, or prostatic cancer. Dogs with this condition may have trouble urinating or defecating. Treatment almost always requires neutering.
  • Older intact males are at an increased risk for developing testicular cancer, which can be life-threatening. Treatment also requires neutering.
  • And very importantly, animal shelters around the country are already severely overpopulated. Allowing dogs to breed freely only adds to this problem. Unfortunately many dogs in shelters have to be euthanized because there is simply not enough room to provide adequate care. Neutering males helps to control this growing problem.
Why should I have my pets teeth cleaned regularly?
  • The most common disease in companion animals in periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is a PLAQUE-INDUCED INFECTION of the gingiva (gums) and supporting ligaments of the teeth. If left untreated the teeth will become very loose, abscesses can develop, patients may experience pain while eating, and systemic infection could occur.
  • Because periodontal disease is a plaque-induced infection the treatment and prevention of this disease is to have all the plaque removed and the teeth cleaned.
  • We recommend that patients have their teeth cleaned either yearly or every other year in hopes to prevent and/or treat this disease before it becomes too severe.
What is pre-anesthetic blood work and why is it important?
  • Pre-anesthetic blood work checks blood values related to the liver and kidney function. Checking the function of these two organs prior to surgery is important because they are the organs primarily involved in metabolizing the anesthetic drugs.
  • We highly recommend pre-anesthetic blood work for every patient prior to having surgery for this reason.

Talk about having your faith restored in humanity. We recently rescued a cat someone dumped off in a bag. He needed to be tested for infectious disease, neutered and vaccinated. These guys were SO amazing. I told them what happened and they didn’t try to get me to pay for all kinds of things I didn’t need like every other vet clinic I called. They knew it was urgent we get him seen quickly and money was tight. They were so kind and understanding. We just moved to this area and I know who we’ll be taking all our pets to from now on. Great job vet clinic I’ve been to in a long time and certainly in this area.

Joy G.

Google Review

Have been going to Loftin for nine years, and i've noticed the caring attitude that is pervasive with the entire staff. My dog Qtip, who is quite a nervous Nellie, loves to visit Loftin. They take care of all her needs, from boarding to bathing.

Christopher G.

Google Review

Amazing care while still affordable. The techs and doctors care for my dog and cats like they are their own. One of my cats got sick very suddenly as I was heading out of town, so they boarded him and called to update me as his condition changed. So glad I found them! Never going anywhere else in the Lafayette area!

Kaylee P.

Google Review

While visiting with my son in the Youngsville area, my dachshund, Wolfe, fell head-first from a bed. I was very concerned because he couldn’t raise up his head, and he had difficulties walking. Dachshunds are known for incurring back injuries. So, I read and considered reviews online for several local vets. Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to have access to the best of Houston TX veterinary clinics, and I hoped to find the same kind of care in the Lafayette area. I chose Loftin Veterinary Hospital, and I am glad that I did. Dr. Michel is a patient and thoughtful man. In a word, brilliant. I left the clinic feeling secure that Wolfe was expertly diagnosed, the treatment adequate to his needs, which means that the costs were fair.

Meira E.

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We found a puppy wandering around school. She was cold, wet and shaking violently. I brought her to another veterinary clinic in town to ask if they would watch her for the day and vaccinate her. I was treated so poorly by the receptionist that I just turned around and walked out (some people just aren't a good fit for the job that they do).

I searched for another clinic near school and found Lofton. From the moment I walked in, I was treated like they actually wanted to help me and the little puppy. I felt empathy, compassion and kindness. They knew how desperate I was and they totally exceeded my expectations.

Claire R.

ARCA Eagles

So this is my very first pet and she is like my baby , as nervous as I was today about her surgery to get fixed the nurses and vets here were super nice and helped me be calm through it all now my little Gracie is spending the night so they can keep an eye on her and I get her back tomorrow! I cant beleive I thought about checking out other places! This is deff the place to go!

Harley C.

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